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MasterclassPhillip is frequently invited to be a guest speaker, or is interviewed on a range of topics.

Even on his regular topics like leadership, mentoring, networking or social media his content is always tailored to the audience to ensure practical and insightful take homes.

His style is informative, confident, personable and unpretentious.

The following lists of some of his workshops, presentations and media appearances.


  • Invited to present at GovComms Festival hosted by contentgroup, on the theme “True North Connectivity: beyond the new normal.”
  • Guest spots for ABC radio Canberra on several occasions discussing cocktail culture, craft spirits and more
  • Guest speaker at Royal Australian Mint for an invitation-only visitor experience
  • Guest Contributor to Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine on the Martini and New Zealand Gin distillers


  • Presented the Mark Huck Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Canberra Region tourism sector at the Canberra Region Tourism Awards
  • Engaged as the Executive Officer (part-time contract) to represent the Canberra District Wine Industry Association to the wider tourism and hospitality industry and developed a bespoke wine tourism online tool, and other tourism related products – was interview by Canberra media on several occasions representing the Association
  • Live cross segments for Channel 9 Perth as guest judge for the Perth Royal Show Craft Spirits Awards
  • Guest presenter at Florida Canberra
  • Presented on ethics and corporate culture at the EA/PA Conference in Canberra
  • Numerous workshops and masterclasses on craft spirits and cocktail culture for personal and corporate clients and you can view his Martini Whisperer media + other appearances here on this website.
  • Featured in Engineers Australia online magazine on mentoring and networking skills


  • Engaged to develop and present a range of workshops for Commonwealth agency nationally, on the topics of project management and customer service over several months
  • Developed a customer service excellence program for a medical centre non-clinical team
  • Numerous media interviews and profiles on Canberra media such as ABC radio.
  • Featured in HerCanberra and other local media as the Martini Whisperer.


  • Guest speaker at M16 Artspace Gallery Collectors Series on how to engage an auction house’s services to build a collection or to realise a sale in July.
  • Panelist for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Canberra on personal branding and building a career, June
  • Guest speaker at the Australian Institute of Management’s Leadership Matters conference, Melbourne, March on professional networking and relationships.
  • Part of the Festival of Ambitious Ideas in Canberra speaking on the Ecosystem of your Professional Life, you can watch the 5 minute talk on YouTube here.


Phillip was the host of a world record attempt at the National Press Club for AIM as part of National Networking Week.
Phillip was the host of a world record attempt at the National Press Club for AIM as part of National Networking Week.


At TEDx Canberra 2015 talking about the Martini
At TEDx Canberra 2015 talking about the Martini


  • ACT Writers Centre, HARDCOPY Intro2Industry Conference, September.  Phillip will be sharing his expert insights on cultivating professional relationships + networks for creative professional writers
  • Executive Assistants Network Conference, Canberra, July, Phillip was invited to speak on the theme of “Taking Responsibility- defining who is in charge of your destiny and learning how to affect and control change.”
  • Australian Private Hospitals Association National Congress, Brisbane, March. Phillip has been engaged to set the tone for the event as a guest speaker at the welcome drinks. He was also engaged to prepare social media content for the association to reinforce the themes of connecting and networking for delegates.
  • Australian Tourism Export Council- ACT Branch, March, has engaged him to deliver a bespoke session on LinkedIn fundamentals for its young professional branch.
National Australian Day Conference
Speaking on social media at the National Australian Day Conference


  • Guest panelist for Creative Canberra Series presented by the Lighthouse Innovation Centre, November
  • Interviewed by Canberra Times  on the ethics of networking in response to an article by an ethicist.
  • Guest speaker on innovation and leadership for the AIESEC- ANU, Initiate the Future Conference, September
  • Presented on the importance of LinkedIn for EAs + PAs at the 6th Annual EA/PA Convention in Sydney, September
  • Guest panelist discussing leadership and mentoring for the Pharmacy Guild’s of Australia, Pharmacy Business Network  conference, September
  • Delivered a session at the 3rd Annual EA/PA Summit for the Public Sector on networking tips and tactics in July
  • Presented on how to leverage social media to promote events for the National Australia Day Conference, August
  • Designed workshops on effective presentation & use of PowerPoint for students at the ANZSOG Institute of Governance, June / July
  • Facilitated a mentoring program panel featured senior executives and a mentor / mentoree meet + greet session for the Department of Finance and Deregulation, June
  • Presented on professional networking and social media to the leadership team of the Canberra Institute of Technology at their CEO Executive Forum, June
  • Created the Centenary Martini, and hosted a black tie event for the Centenary of Canberra at the National Press Club, May
  • Presented a workshop for Creative Partnerships Australia on professional networking, April
  • Running a series of workshops for Schmooze on LinkedIn Essentials and Professional Networking Strategy
Speaking on professional networking for the Australia Computer Society


  • Interviewed by Canberra WIN TV news on entrepreneur culture, November.
  • Workshop for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on professional networking skills and event management, September.
  • Guest speaker for ‘Footprints as Stepping Stones‘ Symposium presented by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, and the Centre for International Heritage Studies, on How to Pitch, September.
  • Presenter for CPA Australia, Professional networking and relations,May
  • Event host for VIP function, Australian Veterinary Association, National Conference Canberra, May
  • Guest speaker and event partner at the Australian Marketing Institute and Marketing Forum, Pitch Perfect 2, June
  • Presenter for the Australian Institute of Marketing and Development, LinkedIn for Professional Development, July
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Fundraiser, July-November
  • Canberra Museum and Gallery and Craft ACT, Guest speaker on professional networking and strategies, August
  • Event host and networking facilitator for Pharmacy Guild of Australia, National Conference, Canberra, September
  • Facilitator for a workshop of  TEDx curators and organisers in Australia & New Zealand on the theme ‘What makes a great TED experience?’


  • Presented several seminars for Schmooze on Creating a Networking Game Plan for young professionals
  • Several workshops for established professional on strategic networking via Schmooze.
  • Featured in the Canberra Times, In the City magazine, February
  • Guest speaker for the University of Canberra’s, Business Resources Student Expo, April, on innovation and social entrepreneurship
  • Conducted several networking workshops and Master Class for the Australian Computer Society Young IT Canberra Branch in April and May
  • Presenter and course developer for the Questacon’s Invention Convention, June
  • Guest presenter for Fearless Media, Social Media Summit in Melbourne and Canberra, June
  • Interview about Schmooze on 2CC breakfast show, June
  • Designed and ran in house sessions for Deloitte Canberra staff on professional networking and strategies.
  • Participated in the CEO Sleepout with twitter feed was featured by ABC News, June
  • Spoke on entrepreurship for the University of Canberra’s Tourism students club, July
  • Guest speaker for the Australian Computer Society Young IT Canberra Branch on networking, July
  • Guest speaker for two sold out seminars for the Australian Business Arts Foundation on professional networking and social media for the arts & cultural sector, July
  • Guest speaker on innovation, working as a team and networking for Innovation ACT, August
  • Invited to be a presenter at Canberra Business Point on professional networking fundamentals, September
  • Interviewed on Canberra Multicultural 91.1FM, October
  • Invited to be guest reviewer of new iPad app developed by business,, November
  • Special Featured Interview for the Canberra Times, In the City Summer Edition, November


  • Interviewed on Artsound FM’s Taste program in January
  • Guest Lecturer for for a joint initiative with the University of Canberra’s Creativity program, and their Marketing, Management and Events courses, October
  • Guest speaker for the University of Canberra’s PR People society Industry night (May 2010) and special guest presenter in October


  • Featured speaker at the Capital Region Business Enterprise Centre’s networking breakfast in Queanbeyan, Using Networking to Improve the Bottom Line, February
  • Interviewed on Artsoundfm in May regarding Schmooze
  • Guest speaker for the Canberra City Rotary Chapter on the topic, Trends in Networking, June
  • Guest speaker for the University of Canberra’s PRPeople students society.
  • Guest speaker for the Australasian Family Law Conference, Sydney September
  • Guest speaker at the Y-MEA Professional Development breakfast at Floriade, September
  • Guest speaker for the Capital Region Business Enterprise Centre, breakfast networking event, December
  • Sponsor of the Canberra Institute of Technology’s 2009 graduate exhibition 48-15 held at the High Court of Australia, December


  • ATO National Office – Marketing and Communications Knowledge Community- Neworking for the Public Sector, July
  • Authored a series of articles on professional networking in B2B Canberra magazine
  • Guest presenter at Teatro Vivaldi, Essential Networking Skills for Artists
  • Invited speaker at the  ACT Writers Festival – Media Releases and Relations
  • Interviewed on ABC666 for the launch of the Mentor Pronto! initiative in June
  • Canberra Business Point, The Art of Networking, August
  • Guest speaker on the theme of Innovation for Young People, for the ACT Department of Education, Centre for Teaching and Learning, September
  • Panelist- Audience Development in the ACT hosted by Canberra Arts Marketing, November
  • Guest spot on Artsoundfm Radioathon, November


  • Meeting Events Australia Students workshop- Networking Essentials
  • ABC666 Radio interview for the launch of  the Schmooze Deluxe album I conceived in November
  • Presenter on Channelvision, Business interview program: businessvision
  • PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Canberra – guest speaker for in-house networking event
  • International Coach Federation, University House – Professional Networks


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